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Last update for this page: 3 February 2009

Contact: gerhard@gerbis.net

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All material on gerbis.net is the intellectual property of Gerhard Bissell
as the copyright holder for all the writing and all the images on this website.

You are welcome to quote from WRITTEN MATERIAL found here as long as you observe the following fair use rules:

For obtaining my consent to reproduce longer passages or whole articles beyond the above limitation please contact me. I reserve the right to charge a fee according to the intended use, particularly if your purposes are commercial. For educational or similar scopes fees may be waived at my sole discretion, but you will still need to seek my prior consent.

The IMAGES on gerbis.net are FOR SALE and can be purchased as high quality prints or high resolution picture files. Prices vary according to medium and intended use.
You are, however, allowed to use the images under the following fair use rules:

For obtaining my consent to use an image beyond the above limitation please contact me.

The idea, layout and presentation of gerbis.net is also the intellectual property of Gerhard Bissell. However, the copyright of third party software, including logos, animations and other visual devices integral to the software, lies with its respective copyright holders.


GerbisNet is hosted by Lunarpages.com Web Hosting and I am very happy with their services.
They did all the domain registration and have more than reasonable prices, currently (September 2008) from under $5/month.
LOOKING FOR A WEB HOST YOURSELF? Check them out by clicking their button! Lunarpages are based in the USA, but you don't need to be there to use their hosting service - I live in England and had no problems whatsoever. Along with several computer magazines, I can highly recommend Lunarpages!

I create my web design with CoffeeCup HTML Editor 2007 which I received as part of my Lunarpages welcome pack.

The display of images on GerbisNet is based on the Lightbox Slideshow by Justin Barkhuff. Thanks Justin, great piece of work!